Summer vacations for the Thomas family were spent tent camping and then hiking in California’s Sierras. Starting age five or six, our five children joined the backpack trips carrying their clothes and sleeping bag. Dad’s pack got heavier as the back country trips got longer. Problem solved with the purchase of llamas.

Attaboy was packer #1 and remained so his entire packing career. Not large by today’s standards, he’d carry 110 lbs. all day. By age three, he’d follow at his pace without anyone on his lead. Other llamas joined the packers, but none measured up to Attaboy.

Relocating to coastal northern California, we met John and Kathy Hughes. They were among the first to acquire and breed Chilean llamas and guided us in the development of our Chilean herd.

For over thirty years, we bred to all the major Chilean lines. At one time Redwoods in the Meadow Farm was thought to have one of the largest Chilean herds in North America. When llama importations stopped, the limited number of distinct Chilean bloodlines made outcross breeding to Chileans difficult. As a result, there are very few breeding age full Chileans in the U.S. today. Redwood Meadow Llamas is determined to continue breeding and selling high quality llamas with distinctive Chilean roots.